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Photo credit: Aliki with Fox and Sloane Photography

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But I get the need to stalk your photographer a little! So here I am: I'm Liz! I'm the owner of Meraki Fine Arts Studio in Sunset, UT and the artist behind Inspirations By Liz Photography. My photography and writing have both been published and I'm not sure if I love taking photos or mentoring photographers more! 

I grew up with a dad that taught me there is more to photography than just pushing a button on a camera in an auto mode and was shooting in manual modes on my cameras from the age of 12 (back in the day when we did film photography!). He also taught me how to teach and write and I've incorporated both into my photography business as well. 

I live in Clearfield, UT, and cater to Northern Utah and South Eastern Idaho. You can get more updates, see recent work, and get the latest in what kind of art I can create for you on my facebook page by clicking this link.

What others have to say:

Joshua Allen

Each session has been great in its own way! Our pregnancy reveal was fun and lighthearted. You took our ideas and brought them to life! Our maternity shoots can be described two ways. 1) it was epic because you were willing to embrace the weather and capture amazing shots! 2) the second shoot was comical. Your creativeness was priceless. Our birthing story did exactly that; it captured the emotions of each moment and is something I will cherish forever. Our newborn shoot continued the story from our reveal. Each shoot has been amazing and you bring out our personalities.

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If you’re looking for someone easy to work with, Liz is your girl! She is amazing with kids and has a way about her that makes you feel comfortable through the entire process, from the pre-shoot planning to the session itself. She’s my go-to girl when I want great shots of my girls and pictures from our family shoot with her are all over our walls. I Highly recommend her!


Liz is my most favorite photographer for family photos. I have a three and a half year old with a sensory processing disorder and autism. It is so hard to do family photos with all of us together, but Liz knows just how to engage her. My daughter responds to her playful spirit, and gentle encouragement. I will always take my family to see Liz as long as we live here. This is only one of the many reasons why we love her, not to mention I feel beautiful in front of her camera. I'm very self conscious and my body. It has changed SO MUCH in the last five years. It's hard to get in front of the camera, but Liz knows exactly how to put me at ease. I've always been thrilled with the images, and her patience with me. The images look like the best version of me. I have seen my body photoshopped beyond belief before, and it made me very uncomfortable. I love that I look like "me" in our family photos, and that I feel confident, happy, authentic, and womanly. She is seriously my favorite. I love that she mentors other small business owners, too. It makes me feel good to support her and all those who benefit from her creative generosity. Inspirations by Liz Photography is our go to!

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